Next Generation Digital Energy

and Production Management Programs

Energy Solutions

Instant tracking, measuring, optimizing energy consumption and generating alarms in case of sudden changes

Textile Solutions

Real-time production monitoring, analysis and intelligent warning systems

Dyehouse Solutions

Real-time stock, dispatches and order status tracking and management systems

Services Provided

Digitize your business with Digital Solutions from Antorin. Control the operations of your business from your phone or computer whenever you want. Increase the operational efficiency of your business and save money. All of the solutions we offer to our customers can be controlled from the phone.

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Digital Energy Tracking

“You can’t control anything you can’t measure, you can’t manage anything you can’t control!”

Energy Consumption Tracking and Cost Management with Ener.see IoT Solution.

Ener.see reveals reduction opportunities in energy consumption with the digital solution that it offers for production facilities and commercial enterprises.

You can monitor energy usage 24/7, identify your energy habits and control your energy consumption.




Operational Savings


Carbon Emission Reduction

What Does Ener.see Bring to Your Business?

Increases the Profitability of Your Business with 24/7 Energy Monitoring

Increases Efficiency

Provides Billing and Tariff Optimization

Reduces Costs

Reduces Carbon Emission

You can review the carbon emission and emission calculations of your business

You can start exploring reduction opportunities right away

You can download the 30-day trial version now and discover the reduction opportunities

Nittime: Production and Cost Tracking Platform

Digitization in Textile

With the software we have developed, we enable you to follow a production, stock, cost and order specific to the textile industry through a single platform. With our software, which has a very easy user interface, we eliminate the clutter of documents and enable you to make effective decisions with reports specially prepared for you.


Production Management System

  • Production Analysis
  • Product Tracking
  • Powerful and Fast Reporting
  • Workforce Management
  • Budget management
  • Consultancy
  • Stock Tracking
  • Notification System
  • Wastage Tracking
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Yarn Consumption Calculator

Calculates for you how much of which yarn you should use for raw and dyed sales

Recording Feature

It provides the opportunity to see all the details of the fabric in case you need it again in the future by keeping the calculated yarns consumption recorded.

Yarn Consumption Calculator

Cost Calculation

Automatic cost calculation and profit margin calculations for raw and dyed Sales

Birim Dönüştürücü

Automatic converter to units such as: Nm, Ne, Denier and Dtex.

End-to-end Production Tracking in Dye houses with Our IoT Solution, Boyahanem.

With “Boyahanem“, which we have prepared considering the deficiencies and needs in the dyehouse, we follow the entire process from the entrance of the product to the exit of the paint shop, and we do process planning and cost studies.

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